Our Champions First Refund Policy

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CauseWars.win Refund Guarantees

Any CauseWars Champion can get a 100% Refund of any available CapitolCoins in their account for their full purchase value, or at 5 cents per CapitolCoin. We are serious about putting our Champions first:

  • There are NO fees or penalties for getting a Refund.
  • There are NO processing, transfer or account closing charges.
  • There are NO waiting or minimum holding periods for getting a Refund.
  • You will NEVER get upsells, memberships or subscriptions requests, or any other BS from us when requesting a Refund.
  • There are NO limits to how many Challenges you can win, or how much Grant money you can earn for your Cause with your CapitolCoins before you Refund them.

This means that if you spent $4.99 to purchase 100 CapitolCoins, and you have 100 CapitolCoins available in your account, then you can get your $4.99 refunded. We keep the math simple, so any other number of CapitolCoins will get refunded at 5 cents per coin, so you know that you get back what you paid. As long as you have CapitolCoins available in your account, and you are not currently using your CapitolCoins in an active Challenge, or have lost them in a Challenge, you can get 100% of their purchase value refunded when you request it.

This is our Guarantee to every CauseWars Champion. Play. Win. Help your Cause. Get your money back.

How do I request a Refund?

We make it very simple. If you want to refund all or some of your available CapitolCoins, send a Refund Request to our Support Team. You will need to mention your CauseWars.win username and the amount of CapitolCoins that you would like to have refunded. Your Support Team representative will determine if you have the requested amount of CapitolCoins available in your account and then determine the best method to issue your refund, or email you if there are any problems.

We are a small team, so depending on the volume of other refund requests, it may take us several weekdays to get back to you once you send us a Refund Request. But once the process starts, we will work to get you your money back as fast as possible.

Can I use CapitolCoins to win Challenges and then Refund them?

Yes. This is part of the CauseWars Promise. You can buy CapitolCoins to participate in all the Challenges you want, win as much Karma and grant money as you want for your Cause using those CapitolCoins, and then get a refund for 100% of the value of ALL of the available CapitolCoins in your account. If you got the skills, you can help your Cause without losing a cent.

Can I refund CapitolCoins that are currently pledged in a Challenge?

CapitolCoins that are currently pledged in a Challenge cannot be refunded until the Challenge finishes. It would not be fair to the other Champion in the Challenge that they still have pledged CapitolCoins in case they lose, and you don't. So just wait until the Challenge finishes. And then if you win, or draw, the pledged CapitolCoins will again be available in your account, and could be fully refunded.

Example: If you have a 100 CapitolCoins in total, and 40 coins are pledged in a Challenge. This means that you can refund 60 coins right away, and the 40 after the Challenge finishes.

Can I Refund CapitolCoins that were lost in a Challenge?

If you lose a Challenge, the CapitolCoins that were pledged in that Challenge will detracted from your account. Once have lost CapitolCoins in a Challenge, you cannot get them refunded. You agree to this risk when participating in CauseWars.win Contests. Every champion uses their real money to buy CapitolCoins, and it would be unfair to other users if their risk was not rewarded, and the pledged CapitolCoins did not go towards creating CauseWars Grants.

How will I recieve my refunded amount?

Depending on your purchase method, how much time has passed since your purchase, if your CapitolCoins come from one or several purchases, or other factors, your Support Team representative will choose the best available Refund method for your purchase. Our preference would be to make a refund to the credit card that you made the purchase with. If this is not possible, we can send the Refund amount to your PayPal account (as long as it uses the same email address as the email that you created your Champion account with). Our final method would be to mail you a check for the full amount of the Refund, using the billing address from the credit card that you used to make your purchases. We do not do bank transfers at this time. But we always make sure to get you your Refund as soon as possible.

If there are any complications, for example if you appear to have less CapitolCoins than you requested, your Support Team representative will send you a message to the email that you have saved on your account. (So make sure to keep that current.) If requested CapitolCoins are currently used in an active Challenge you may have to wait until that Challenge finishes. But you can always get back the coins that you can see marked as "Available" in your champion Dashboard.

Do I get to keep the Karma Bonus from my purchase if I get a Refund?

When you get a refund, all grant money and Karma that you have earned for your Cause through Challenges will not be affected. However, to prevent Rankings Fraud, if you request a Refund less than 90 days after your purchase, the Karma bonus that you earned for your Cause from the CapitolCoins purchase itself, will be deducted from your Cause. After 90 days your Karma Bonus will not be affected. And any Challenge winnings will never be affected no matter when you request a Refund.

How does CauseWars.win prevent Refunds Theft?

We are very serious about your security, and work to prevent theft through refunds. For this reason a refund sent by check can only be mailed to the billing address of the credit card that was used in the original purchase, and written for the name used with the credit card. If you want your Refund check to be mailed to a different address, your Support Team representative may ask you to show proof of identity to validate another mailing address. (And there is no fee for validating your identity.) This may delay your Refund, but we will need to make sure that the same person who has made the purchase is requesting the refund.

In cases of PayPal Transfer refunds, if your PayPal account has a different email address associated with it then the email address that you had in your CauseWars account at the time of purchase, proof of identity may also be required. But our Support Team will work with you to resolve any difficulties to get you your full refund.

How does CauseWars.win prevent Cheating in Challenges?

We believe in having an awesome Refund Policy that promotes open gameplay and trust with our users. At the same time we have a duty to protect all Champions, and to make sure that all Champions can honor their pledges, and that no one is cheating to get ahead. Therefore CauseWars.win has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for users who don't honor their Pledges and abuse the trust of other Champions.

If you commit credit card fraud or use fake information, use multiple Champion accounts, breach the Terms of Service, lie in order to get a refund, or force a chargeback, your account may be investigated, and may be suspended; while all the Karma and Support Votes that you have earned for your Cause will be minused from that Cause, your CapitolCoins may not be refunded, and you will be banned from further using CauseWars.win. If you can't play fairly, and respect other Champions, then dont play. We will also not hesitate to ban you if you are abusing other users.

Therefore the listed Guarantees of this Refunds Policy may be revoked for any user that does not honor the CauseWars.win Terms of Service or engages in any other form or fraud, cheating or abuse on the CauseWars.win website, solely at the discretion of CauseWars.win. In cases where cheating or fraud are suspected, or the user has a history of purchases and refunds that affect other users and Cause rankings, CauseWars.win reserves the right to conduct an internal investigation, or contact the User to request more information. If cheating, fraud or breach of Terms of Service are deemed likely, CauseWars.win has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the offending user, limit their gameplay abilities, bring the case to public review, or wave the guarantees of this Refunds Policy.

How is the Refund Policy updated?

CauseWars.win staff and Advisory Board will review the current Refund Policy no less than every three months, to determine if any changes in protections or provisions may be required to promote gameplay, protect Champions, and improve the website. Small textual changes, additional examples, and textual rewritings that do not change the provisions and protections of this Refund Policy may be applied when needed, and do not constitute a change in the Refund Policy.

When a change in the provisions and terms of this Refund Policy is required, CauseWars.win reserves the right to update and revise this Refunds Policy as needed. When a change is applied to the functionality, guarantees or provisions of this Refund Policy, CauseWars.win will send a special email notifying all Champions of the changes to the current Refund Policy (to the email address stored in each Champions user account).

After a Refund Policy changes. Any Champion will have a 100 day "grace period" to request a Refund of their CapitolCoins under the protections and provisions of the Refund Policy that was changed. So if you don't like the new changes, you can get a Refund under the older protections. This protection extends to the time that your Refund Request has been sent and acknowlidged as recieved by the Support Team, and does not expire if the time to finish the Refund goes beyond the 100 day grace period.