Mission, Principles and Operational Charter

Our Mission

Voter Education and Empowerment through Gamification.

We are using competitive gameplay to make the political process more exciting and personally meaningful for all Americans, while educating and empowering individuals to become active champions for their favorite political, social, and enviromental Causes.

Our Guiding Principles

100% User Driven

  • We believe that working with the creativity and passion of the crowd is the direction for causes and political candidates that want to be relevant in the new millennium. Our defining principle at is to be a user-driven tool, that empowers its users to create and shape as much of the content of the platform as possible.
  • Our users decide which Causes get to participate, propose which events get added, and which games and contests get built to improve the platform. Everything is being built adjustable, everything can be put to the vote, and we want our champions to decide on the most relevant causes, events and contest styles for them.
  • We beleive in maintaining our independence. We are 100% Self-Funded and User Supported. has been built with contributions from our team, and is not beholden to any investors, equity holders, accelerators or advertisers. We are not Silicon Valley based or built, and we are proud of it. We want only our Mission and our Commitment to our users to shape the direction of this company, and not our investors ROI plan. And we beleive that if we put our users first, and build with them, we will succeed as a Social-Enterprise company.

Minimized Costs, Maximized Giving

  • We believe that organisations now have the tools to do more for less, like never before. There are free and low cost tools to organize teams, collaborate on projects, share ideas, and crowdsource solutions. And this could be a game changer of how Causes operate and pursue their missions.
  • We are building our company on the model of the lean startup. Our team does most of its work and collaboration virtually, and we get to save money on a central office location. We dont buy, we share. We outsource the skills that we dont have, and make partnerships. We are based in Wyoming, because it's a state that believes in maintaining the lowest administrative costs in the US. (And it's gorgeous.)
  • Our goal is to maintain minimal staff, minimal legal costs, and minimal upkeep costs, even as we expand, so that we can spend more that 95% of the dedicated support from our users on creating new games and contests, and improving our platform, rather than administrative upkeep.

Champions before Donations

  • We believe that every individual can make a meaningful difference for their Political, Social or Enviromental Cause by leveraging their social networks, their creativity, the skills and not just their checkbook. In the age of global social networking, when Brands and Causes are created or forgotten overnight, building real relationships with supporters should be the primary focus Political or Non-Profit Causes.
  • We are a nation of volunteers and joiners. We love fighting for the underdog, and helping others discover what we are passionate about. Unfortunately too many Causes still concentrate their efforts on the big donors and fundraisers; instead of connecting with, educating, and empowering their potential supporters to keep being their constant Champions.
  • is designed to build stronger emotional relationships between Causes and Supporters through contests and gameplay. Where your passion, your skills and your social network define how much you can help your Cause, not just your means.
  • Our larger goal is to keep creating tools that give Champions of every Cause a voice, a direction, and a way to support their Cause through meaningful action independent of their means, as well as have a greater agency in the political process.

Gamification for Good

  • Americans care, and we give. But we are also love a good challenge. To fight for your side. To be tested. To win. To be the best at something. Our Generosity, and our Competitive Spirit are two parts of the American experience that are often separate. A core focus of is to bring together these two elements, in ways that can help both Causes and Champions.
  • We want to make raising funds for a Cause or Candidate to be a challenge, a game, a measure of your skills and commitment. We want fundraising to be something that you look forward to when you come home from a long day of work. Not something that you deal with when you go through your mail. We want Champions of Causes to feel that they are making a real difference, and having a great time while doing it.
  • is both a tool for Champions, but we also want it to be an example for the Political and Non-Profit sectors on the importance of gamification and gameplay in educating, engaging and exciting their supporters. We want Not-for-Profit causes go beyond a focus on donations and mailed contribution requests, and embrace new digital tools for creating support and excitement for their missions. To start focusing on ways to empower their supporters to share in their mission. To identify and engage their most active Champions. To build the the next generation of political and charitable fundraising and champion making. Charitable giving is already good. We want to make it awesome. Operational Charter

As a Social Enterprise company, we believe in giving our users clear guidelines for how help our Champions and their Causes. Your user data is guarded by our strict Privacy and Security Commitments, and the daily financial and administrative functions of must fully adhere to articles of the Operational Charter which define how our company will help your Causes and guarantee the availability of your money for refunds.

  • Article 1: Only CauseWars Champions can Propose and Nominate Causes
    Only CauseWars Champions have the power to nominate, vote for, and select which Causes they want featured during each Playoffs period. Causes cannot pay or otherwise request to be proposed or nominated, except through actions of individual champions. reserves the right to create guidelines for what types of Causes can participate in the Playoffs according to the CauseWars Terms of Service.

  • Article 2: There is NO cost for a Cause to receive a CauseWars Grant and it's operators may not impose any cost, fee, registration, sign up, legal procedure or needed activity on a Cause that has been nominated by the userbase, before it can recieve a Champion or the Playoffs Grant. A Cause does not need to acknowledge the receipt of a CauseWars Grant to receive or continue receiving CauseWars Grants. Following the Grant calculation, the full amount of the Grant must be speedily distributed to the designated Cause without delay, and without ANY actions being required from the Cause to receive the grant via the default grant distribution procedures (Article 7).

  • Article 3: Purchased CapitolCoins can Only be used by Users
    The full value of the CapitolCoins in active user accounts, not including transaction fees, MUST remain fully available for refunds at user request, and cannot be otherwise used, borrowed or leveraged by, its partners or operators. MUST calculate its platform maintenance fee at the point of transaction, and cannot impose it retroactively.

  • Article 4: Only User Gameplay and Preferences can affect Grant Calculations
    The calculation of the Grant amount for each user-nominated Cause can ONLY be dependent on the aggregate gameplay results, Support Preferences and actions of the user base. No representative of a Cause, no operative of, or any other individual may determine or influence the final financial amount of a distributed Grant, or which Causes will receive the Grant; except through their gameplay as a regular Champion of

  • Article 5: Champion Grants Weekly Calculation and Distribution
    During each month of the Playoffs, MUST calculate the value of all CapitolCoins lost in Challenges during the previous month, and distribute this value as Champion Grants to user supported charitable and political Causes, within two weeks of the calculation.

  • Article 6: Playoffs Grant Calculation and Distribution
    10% of the purchase value of all CapitolCoins lost in challenges during each Playoff period, MUST be calculated as the total value of the Playoffs Grant for the current CauseWars Playoffs. The final amount of the Playoffs Grant MUSTbe calculated no later than 2 weeks after the end of the Playoffs, and must include user support preferences the value of purchased Karma boosts. The Cause or Candidate that has earned the most Karma points during the duration of the Playoffs period will recieve the Playoffs grant, which MUST be distributed no later than 2 weeks after the calculation.

  • Article 7: Default Grant Distribution Procedures
    The default grant distribution method will be through a check mailed to the contributions receiving address clearly mentioned on the main website of the Cause receiving the grant. A Cause representative may contact to request an alternative way of receiving the Grant, such as through money transfer or being mailed to a different address. But if staff cannot safely ascertain the identity or authority of the Cause representative, reserves the right to continue using the primary mailing address of the Cause until satisfactory verication.

  • Article 8: Grant Creation Minimums
    The minimum amount needed for a Champion Grant to be created will be 10 US dollars. Any amount calculated for a Cause that is below the $10 minimum will be saved as a "Calculation Credit" for that Cause, and added without adjustments to the next months's Grant Calculation. No value earned by Champions for their Cause through their gameplay may be lost. At the end of each CauseWars Playoffs period, ANY grant value calculated for a Cause MUST be distributed to that Cause, independent of the amount (including cents) within two weeks of the end of the Playoff period. No calculated grant value may remain in the bank account withing 3 weeks of the end of the Playoffs period.

  • Article 9: All Costs and Fees must be fully accounted for before Grant Calculations
    All credit card and payment processor fees and costs, pending refunds or chargebacks, sales taxes for Wyoming residents, Karma Bonuses for each Cause and user support preferences that can affect transaction costs and final Grant values MUST be calculated and accounted for before Grant Calculation begins. All calculated Grant amounts are final and must be distributed in their full value.

  • Article 10: Undistributable Grants
    In the event when a Champion Grant cannot be distributed to a Cause (for example if a Cause ceases to function or accept contributions), the full amount of that Grant MUST be added to the Playoffs Grant in the current Playoff period, to be distributed to the Cause that will win the Playoffs. If a Playoffs Grant cannot be distributed to the winning Cause, the 2nd highest ranking Cause (and so on) will receive the Playoffs Grant.