How does Work?

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How Challenges Work

  1. Think you know who is going to win the Election?

  2. Challenge a friend to a prediction match.

  3. Choose a Candidate or Cause that you would like to support.

  4. If you win, your friend’s money goes to support the Cause of your choice, and you lose nothing. If you lose, your money will support a Cause of their choice.

  5. Choose another event. And play again :)

How do I win Grant money for my Cause?

Start by choosing your favorite Charitable Cause, and become their Champion. Then select an upcoming political Event, and choose the Prediction that you think is most likely to happen. You can invite a friend who you think will choose a different Prediction, create an Open Challenge that any CauseWars Champion can join, or join a Challenge from another Champion. Once two Champions are backing different predictions, a Challenge can start.

Challenges can be played for free, or with both Champions pledging CapitolCoins to back up their prediction. The Champion who creates the Challenge, decides how many CapitolCoins need to be pledged on a prediction to join. CapitolCoins can be purchased and refunded at any time.

When the event resolves, the Champion who selected the correct prediction keeps their CapitolCoins, while their opponent’s CapitolCoins will be used to support the Cause of the winner. If neither Champion picked a correct prediction, the Challenge ends in a draw and no one loses CapitolCoins.

Every month, will use the monetary value of all CapitolCoins that were lost in ALL Challenges that took during the each calendar month to create Champion Grants according to the winning gameplay of all Champions. The more Challenges you win, and the more CapitolCoins your opponents lose, the more grant money can be sent to your Cause every month as a Champion Grant.

Play well, keep winning Challenges, and you can have all of your available CapitolCoins refunded for their exact purchase cost at any time. So you can win unlimited grant money for your Cause, promote them to get more supporters, get bragging rights with your friends, and then get a refund. This is a CauseWars Guarantee.

What are CauseWars Playoffs, Scrimmages and Karma points?

While you compete with your friends, your Causes also compete with each other in the CauseWars Playoffs. Only CauseWars Champions can propose and vote on which Causes and Candidates will participate in CauseWars. No Cause can propose themselves, or pay to be featured. Causes and Candidates with the most votes from Champions get to actively participate in the CauseWars Playoffs, which can last from 6 to 12 weeks.

The Cause that wins the CauseWars Playoffs will get the special "Playoffs Grant", which is awarded to the Cause that earned the most Karma points during the Playoffs. The Playoff Grant is 10% of the value of all CapitolCoins lost in Challenges during the Playoffs. The more Champions join, the more Challenges will happen, the bigger the Playoff Grant will grow. Karma can be earned without CapitolCoins, so any Champion can help their Cause win the Playoffs.

Karma points represent each Champions positive actions that help their Cause or Candidate or all featured Causes. Karma points can be earned without spending any money, so any Champion can help their Cause win the Playoffs Grant. Champions can earn Karma points by promoting their Cause, learning about their Cause's mission, inviting friends to become Champions, and winning Challenges. So the Cause or Candidate with the most active and passionate Champions can win the Playoffs Grant.

Additionally, runs weekly "Scrimmages" between all Causes that are participating in the Playoffs. The Cause or Candidate that earns the most Karma points during the week will win the Scrimmage and earn a "Karma Bonus", that increases how much Karma all Champions of this Cause will earn for the rest of the Playoffs.

There are many ways to play in and help your Cause or Candidate. You can concentrate on winning Challenges and helping your Cause get the biggest monthly Champion Grants. Or join with friends and other Champions to make sure your Cause wins weekly Scrimmages and the big money from the Playoff Grant. Or do both. You got the power. Be their Champion!

What is the CauseWars Refunds Guarantee?

You can earn Karma points for your Cause without ever spending anything. But if you want to actively help your Cause or Candidate get monthly Champion Grants, you need use CapitolCoins in Challenges with other Champions. CapitolCoins are purchased in packages, starting at $0.99 per 20 coins. If you purchase more coins at a time, you will earn an immediate Karma Boost for your Cause.

The CapitolCoins in your account will always be available for a refund, unless you lose them in a CauseWars Challenge. You can refund your unused CapitolCoins and get 100% of their value back, at 5 cents per coin. There are NO hidden fees, upkeep fees or withdrawal costs for refunding your CapitolCoins. There are no other forms of membership, subscription or registration for Champions. This is a CauseWars Refunds Guarantee.

Keep winning, and you can use the same CapitolCoins over and over without EVER having to spend more money, and keep getting others to financially support your favorite Causes. Predicting Politics is a skill. Choose your Contests wisely. Be smart when you play. Your money is at stake. But if you are good, $10 of CapitolCoins can help create a $1000 of Grant money for your Candidate or Cause. And you can always get a full Refund for the value of any unused CapitolCoins in your account no matter how long you've been playing.

How much of the money ACTUALLY goes to Causes? applies a 5% platform maintenance fee to the value of all CapitolCoin purchases to cover server costs, site maintenance, Support Team staff, and new content research. The platform maintenance fee will not affect your Refund, and you will always get 100% of your value back for unused CapitolCoins.

CausesWars Grants are created from the remaining 95% of the value of ALL CapitolCoins purchases minus the cost of transactions (and sales tax for current residents of Wyoming). Once CapitolCoins have been lost in a Challenge their value MUST be used to create a Champion or Playoff Grant in accordance with the Operational Charter. There is always ZERO cost for your Cause or Candidate to receive a CauseWars Grant or be featured in the Playoffs.

CauseWars is a Social-Enterprise startup. Our Mission is to use competitive gameplay to make the political process more exciting and personally meaningful for all Americans, while educating and empowering individuals to become active champions for their favorite political, social, and enviromental Causes. We want to inspire all Charitable and Political causes to go beyond a focus on donations and mailed contribution requests, and embrace new digital tools for creating support and excitement for their work.