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CauseWars Gameplay Basics

How do I become a champion of a Cause?

Make sure you are logged into the platform. Select the “CAUSES” link in the navigation header at the top of the page. Then select the category of Causes that you would be interested in supporting, like Education or Natural World.

There are multiple Causes for each topic of interest. Click on the blue bar with the name of the Cause, and select the “BECOME THEIR CHAMPION” button. You will see a confirmation popup, if you confirm all the grant money and Karma that you win will now go towards your new Cause.

You need to select a Cause to be a Champion for before you can participate in Contests or add CapitolCoins to your account. You can change the Cause that you are supporting at any time. The Karma earned from your gameplay will go to the Cause that you have selected at that time. If you switch Causes, a Cause will retain whatever Karma you earned for it, but newly earned Karma will go towards your new Cause.

How do I choose a prediction for an Event?

Select the “EVENTS” link in the navigation header at the top of the page. You will see a page with different filters tabs and 6 events. You can choose different filters like “In the News” or “Ends Soon” to see different events. 6 Events are displayed at a time, and you can jump to the next 6 events by using the number selector below the events.

Most events need you to have CapitolCoins available to use them in a challenge, but events marked with a “FREE” banner at the top left corner can be played without adding CapitolCoins. Each event also shows how many champions are currently using it in challenges (the number next to the 2 arm wrestlers icon) and how many Open Challenges are available for this event (the number below). Open Challenges were created by other champions, and anyone can join them.

Each event can have 2 to 6 different predictions, which are seen as the most likely outcomes for this event. The two most popular predictions are listed below the event picture, and you can use the scroll arrow to see more prediction choices. For the event you are interested in, click on your favored prediction choice, and you will be taken to the challenge creation page. (Or get an option to join an open challenge, if any are available.)

You can also get to the event info page by clicking on the event picture for any event. There you can see the rules for the event, all the possible predictions, and if there are any available Open Challenges for this event.

How do I create a new Challenge?

Once you have selected an event and a prediction choice you will see the Challenge Creation Page. (Unless you chose to see Open Challenges instead). At the Challenge Creation Page you can change to a different prediction choice if you want. You also have to select the amount of CapitolCoins that you are pledging in this Challenge. As the Challenge creator you can set any CapitolCoins Pledge, as long as you have enough coins in your account. And whoever accepts this Challenge, will have to agree to the pledge amount you have selected.

Next select if other champions will see your username or real name for this challenge. Using your username is always fine, but if you are playing against friends you may want to make it easier for them to identify you.

Then you can select if you want this to be an Open or Unlisted Challenge. Unlisted Challenges will not be visible to anyone, unless you share the URL of the created challenge page by email or social media. Use unlisted challenges when you want to challenge a specific friend, and share the challenge URL only with them.

Open Challenges are visible to all champions. Any champion, if they select a different prediction choice from yours, and agree to to the amount of your selected pledge, can accept this challenge and start a new contest. You can always create an Open Challenge and still share it with a friend, just be aware that someone else might accept it earlier.

Finally you can enter a name of the person you are challenging, and the taunt image for this challenge. These will only show if you are sharing this challenge on Facebook or Twitter.

After you post a new challenge, you can still edit it from your Dashboard, and change your prediction and pledge amount, until another champion accepts the challenge.

How do I join someone else’s Challenge?

There are two types of challenges that you can join: challenges from friends or Open Challenges. If a friend shared a challenge on social media, or emailed you a challenge, click on the link to the challenge page to see the available predictions and the pledge amount. If a prediction that you like is already being used by your friend, then dont accept the challenge. But if you see a prediction that you like, you can accept this challenge if you have enough CapitolCoins in your account.

Events can also have Open Challenges that anyone can join. You can see the available Open Challenges on the event info page. Or on the event selection page, after you choose a prediction for an event, if there are any open challenges where the creator favored a different prediction you will have the option to open the Open Challenge matching page.

On the Open Challenge matching page - you can see which pledge amounts are available for each prediction. And if you find something that fits, you can accept this challenge. You can always accept multiple challenges for the same event, with the same prediction as long as there are other champions looking for a challenge.

How do I invite friends to my challenge?

Inviting is very simple. Each created challenge has it's own mini page with it's own URL. After you create a new challenge, simply share the URL for the challenge page with your opponent by email or through social media. They can then see the challenge page, select a different prediction from yours and start a challenge.

Be aware that when you share challenge URLs on social media, that any of your friends that can see the challenge, will be able to join it, even if you intended it for someone else. So if you only want to play against a specific person, share that challenge only with them.

How do I add CapitolCoins to my account?

In order to join or create a challenge you need to have enough CapitolCoins in your account to cover the selected pledge of that challenge. You can add CapitolCoins to your account at anytime from your dashboard or by clicking on the CapitolCoins display icon in the navigation header. For ease of processing, CapitolCoins are sold in 5 “package” amounts from $0.99 to $49.99.

Choose the package that you want, then fill in the credit card info for the purchase. Once the transaction is approved by the credit card, the CapitolCoins will be available in your account, and can be used in challenges.

You have 14 days to refund any CapitolCoins package that you haven’t used. After that the CapitolCoins will remain in your account until you use them for a challenge or a Karma Boost.