About CauseWars.win

CauseWars.win is a "gameducational" platform that allows users to promote and support their favorite political, social and enviromental causes through skill based contests.

Our platform allows anyone to be a Champion for their favorite Cause by leveraging their passion, their knowledge and skills, and their networks to support their Cause. With CauseWars.win everyone can make a difference, and have a great time doing it.

CauseWars.win is self-funded Social Enterprise startup. We are 100% User-Driven and User-Supported. We have no political agenda, affiliation, leaning, or focus. Our goal is to help all Causes, all Political Candidates, and to empower all Champions. We build the tools, you decide who you want to help.

The CauseWars.win Team

We are team of gamers, dreamers, and experimenters guided by our Mission and Principles. We want to redefine how Americans see both gaming and philanthropy for years to come. Join us in building the tools for a new century of doing good.

  • Sam

    Project Manager

  • Danny

    Marketing Lead

  • Shawn

    Gameplay Design

  • Hoa

    Head Developer

  • Mike

    Systems Research

  • Ksenia

    QA Lead